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Photo & Video Media Packages

We make available to you the limited access to to media created at shows and event that we attend. We provide a range of media to purchase on a pre-order and post event basis. We will offer reduced rates for all pre-ordered content.

The content you order is for a single individual which will contain any and all images and video (depending on what package you ordered) of a single athlete. Fir example, if the athlete competes in 2 categories, a single order will provide you with relevant content  for both categories of the athlete.


Photos: We will provide a minimum of 10 single images for posing routines and i-walks, plus all comparison images and shots from the awards. All images will carry watermarks of the event, show sponsor, and Pumped Media. We are unable to remove these due to licencing.

Video: Clips are in 720p HD format and shot in high resolution format which will display perfectly on social media. All clips will carry watermarks of the event, show sponsor, and Pumped Media. We are unable to remove these due to licencing.

All orders are sent via email as soon as they are processed. It usually takes upto 48hrs after a show for pre-orders, or 48hrs after the order has been placed to receive them. You will receive several links to the media which will take you to a dedicated dropbox file or folder. From here you can download the images and video. If you are unable to download on your device, we recommend you use a laptop or PC. 

Once the order has been sent, the order is classed as complete.


Due to the nature of this above product, we reserve the right to offer refunds once the order has been sent to the corresponding email. To request a refund, you must contact us by email at sales@pumpedmedia.co.uk.


Refund requests are granted for the following reasons. a) refund requested before the day of the show b) did not compete at the scheduled event c) ordered twice by mistake.

We may use images and video form time to time for promotion purposes, as will the promoter and sponsor. You will need explicit permission from Pumped Media to use any of the content purchased for commercial purposes. Contact sales@pumpedmedia.co.uk for clarification.


You are purchasing an Event Access pass allowing you to have access to a members only area for the event you have selected. Within this area, you will have access to content throughout the day including live-streams*, video replays, and other content we may provide in the selected area.

Although you are able to view content as it becomes available, you are not paying for a specific segment, or for the live video, just access to where these will appear.

Upon purchase, you will need to create an account and login with these details when you try to access the area in the future. We recommend logging in using our Facebook account tool to help with this.

*We cannot guarantee all segments of the show will be live streamed. If the live stream is interrupted in anyway, please refresh the page or await for the recorded video to be uploaded.

You will have access to the area and relative content for up to 7 Days.

Live Event Access purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the purchase and verification of access is logged. 

Sharing of content from any of our Live Event Access pages is strictly prohibited. This content is protected by Copyright and all other rights are reserved to the user who commits an offence of this nature. Any breaches of this kind will be taken seriously and will be followed up swiftly and thoroughly with relevant authorities.

By purchasing the Live Event Access pass, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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