Join us at the Pumped Media Studios for a 1 hour photo shoot during your prep, or after your show.


We have on-site "pump-up" equipment and changing facilities to help get the best out of your visit. 


You can choose to wear your stage outfit or regular training gear to display your physique in your preferred style. We will go through your compulsory poses and will have the opportunity to go through some free-posing and any other styles you like for the time we have.

Please send us a message prior to booking for available dates using the CHECK AVAILABILITY form below...

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How will i get my images?

Most images will be sent to you by email within 24hrs, however some shots might need some additional processing and can take up to 3 days. You would expect around 30-50 professionally processed images from your shoot.


What quality will th emages be?

You will receive XXL large quality images, we use a huge 42 megapixel camera system with professional lighting to ensure the best possible quality. However, these files are perfect to print at any size, they not very good to use on social media as they are literally too big! Se we will send you an additional folder with perfectly scaled down images which are great for social sharing!


Can I choose the background?

Yes, we have a black, white or grey brick texture background available within the studio. This type of shoot is to highlight and show your physique in the best possible light, we call this a portfolio shoot. If we used other types of background it will distract from the physique and detail.


Can I book more time to get more variety?

Absolutely, just up the QTY on the cart page and we will have as long as you want.

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