UK Independent Gym Map NOW 400+

On the 1st of January we launched our campaign to build the most comprehensive map of independent gyms here in the UK.

This was something we had been planning for a while, but needed to ensure we had the help we needed! What help? Yours!!

We started by adding a few dozen gyms we have come to know through our travels then put it out to you, our followers to help build it! By submitting your gyms, we received details by email, we verified them and then added the gym to our dedicated Google Map. After just a few days we had over 400 gyms added to the map which is absolutely awesome!

This is now freely available as a map on your device to locate and pinpoint independent gyms throughout the UK, isolating the big corporate gyms and chain-gyms which we don't allow onto the map.

So far the feedback for this has been absolutely brilliant, apart from one individual, who will remain nameless, who thought it was a bad idea to give this information for free! YES I KID YOU NOT!!! Clearly this person has a vested interest in gym databases and doesn't like the idea of making this list public for anyone to use! Charging people for this wont help independent gyms who are struggling, but if the Pumped Media Gym map gets just one member extra a month through the door, then that's enough for us!

Paul Yarwood of Old School Jim's Bodybuilding & Fitness wrote to us:

"Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for putting together the list of independent bodybuilding gyms in the UK. Since having Old School Jim’s listed, I’ve seen a 30% increase in weekend days passes, and our visitors are coming from further afield. I really appreciate all your hard work."

Job done! :)

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