We are pleased to announce that we have made traction with the launch of our all new magazine which will be available in April 2020.

Last year we faced a very challenging seasons, with 25 shows to cover including regional, national, and international events.

With this in mind, we probably saw more bodybuilders throughout the year than most people!

Luckily, every single interaction we had was extremely positive with fantastic feedback from all athletes who purchased their photos and videos along with those who had interviews and podcasts.

In just 2 years, we have forged incredible relationships with competitors, coaches, federations and gyms as a trusted and responsible media outlet for this incredible sport.

Read the full announcement and view our online-mag previewer by clicking the link below....

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Advertise with Pumped Media Magazine

During the conception of the Pumped Media Magazine, we thought deeply about how we can improve promotion opportunities for brands wanting to attract customers.

We honestly think that advertisers are being taken for granted and not benefiting from current platforms available to them. With Pumped Media Magazine, we are making it our mission to ensure your brand is given the best possible exposure from your advertising budget.

Guaranteed exposure to a target audience to maximize your ROI.

If you choose to advertise with us, you will benefit from our wide distribution around the UK to over 400 independent gyms (free), along with subscription based readers, which will amount to 1000 printed editions. In addition to this, we will also offer the magazine as a low cost “online-mag” where we will feature all advertisers’ logos on the page with direct links to your chosen URL.

With our Full Page Ads, it doesn’t stop there! We want you to benefit for maximum exposure for the period of the edition (4 months) and we will guarantee your brand is given 10 times the exposure of just the printed version, that’s 10,000+ reach, minimum!

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Write for the Pumped Media Magazine

By Bodybuilders, for Bodybuilders!

The magazine invites you to become part of this new platform for us to ensure we live by our motto, "By Bodybuilders, for Bodybuilders"!

Our first edition will feature articles written by a wide range of athletes, from champions discussing their journey, to those who have just started out to discuss what its like for them entering the world of competitive bodybuilding. We also have a range of articles from industry stakeholders and professionals to keep you in the loop with whats going on behind the scenes.

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Further updates to follow...

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