Podcast Now Available on iTunes

So after a year of podcasts from the pumped media studios, all of which have been published to our Facebook feed, we have now added the podcast to iTunes. We have always had the audio facility through Soundcloud but never promoted it and so never developed it further!

As part of our revamp of the website, we have now given you the opportunity to listen to just the audio which is perfect for cardio and to generally pass the time. All podcasts are fully downloadable so even if you don't have iTunes, you can save them locally for playing offline!

70 Podcasts - 116,018 views!

We have plenty to do to catch up, with almost 70 podcasts now published to Facebook with 116,018 views at the time of this post, there are currently up to Podcast 21 on the audio feed. This will continue to update over the coming days.

We started with a visual podcast to present the personalities to our audience and connect with them, it fast became known as a "world class studio" (Quote: Dan Solomon AMI) and has since been upgraded even further for a new look! We will continue to deliver the visual podcast to Facebook and upload to our audio services every week so you can catch up!

We will continue to develop the podcast as we move into 2020 and hopefully connect with even more people!

Check out the new podcast page here: PUMPED MEDIA PODCAST

Would you like to be a guest on the Podcast? Get in touch!

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