Podcast Catch-up!

Over the past couple of weeks we have had some great podcasts! Check them out below!

Starting the our first live Q&A session with Joe Walker (NABBA North West rep) and Paul Thomson (Mr Britain 2019). This was a great podcast, with plenty topics discussed!

Oh, and we cooked some yummy steak just before we went live!

Next up we had Podcast #063 with Kim Santino and Julie Hardman from Santino's Gym and Studio and promoters of the IBFA UK Mr & Miss Derbyshire 2020. We found out how these two got involved in show promotion, along with what to expect in their second year of running this show!

Following this we had Podcast #064 with Nicola, Kenny & Levi Gilbert - owners of A1 Tanning and promoters of the IBFA A1 Classic 2020.

Here we discuss their journey from meeting in the gym, to competing on stage, to starting their tanning business, to running their own show! Great podcast with plenty of laughter!

As always, if you would like to join Kris on the podcast, or fancy having a go at hosting with a pal to discuss bodybuilding, training, diet, or anything else, just send us a message and we can get it sorted for you!

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