Our new On-Demand service is being upgraded to give you more! 

Those who have already used the service know that we have some great shows available on the platform! However, we have now reached a point where we need to evolve and upgrade what we offer you the viewer to make it more efficient and easier than ever to watch your favourite bodybuilding shows online!

Introducing Pumped Medias "On Demand v2"

Our recent upgrade not only gives you more shows, but brings with it a new player for easier navigation through a long show. Each event is split into hourly segments which are displayed in a menu system on the right of the player.

New payment structure gives you EVERYTHING!

Gone are the days of paying for a single show! We have a new structure which truly gives you access to our entire back catalogue of shows! Yes, that's every show, every class, every routine, every winning moment! From as little as £5, watch what you want, when you want!

You can choose a 7 day, or 30 day pass, alternatively, choose to subscribe. Subscribers have access to even more content such as behind the scenes footage, exclusive bonus footage, and much more!

We will also make things a lot faster! Our new development now makes it more economical for us to add to our catalogue of videos. This means you can expect the entire show available to watch within 48hrs of the event! We will keep subscribers updated when new shows are added, along with what is coming up soon and when!

The upgrade will be complete by 7th September where all shows will become available, but you can start today and watch the latest show we covered, Mr T's Olympia.

Go to https://www.pumpedmedia.co.uk/on-demand to get started.

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