Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus and lockdown, all shows and events have been cancelled for the first part of the season. Due to this, we are unable to launch as planned in April. We hope to revive the first edition, during the 2021 season. We thank you for your dedication to what we are trying to bring to the UK bodybuilding industry.



Last year we faced a very challenging seasons, with 25 shows to cover including regional, national, and international events. With this in mind, we probably saw more bodybuilders throughout the year than most people! Luckily, every single interaction we had was extremely positive with fantastic feedback from all athletes who purchased their photos and videos along with those who had interviews and podcasts. In just 2 years, we have forged incredible relationships with competitors, coaches, federations and gyms as a trusted and responsible media outlet for this incredible sport.


We set out to work as hard as you do to ensure you get the best quality content and coverage possible. We can certainly say that we have tried! And we think we have succeeded in doing just that!

The Pumped Media Magazine will provide a fresh approach to the medium of print. We have come up with a great solution that will entwine our readers with our vast amount of online content and allow the crossover between paper and mobile devices which we are really excited about and will change the game in a big way.

Who is writing and what is going to be in the mag?


We are keeping things under wraps for now, but for the most part, articles will be written by a select variety of bodybuilders, coaches, and show promoters, both male and female who have the knowledge and information that will make the content interesting and insightful. We will also have content from shows and show reports, plus sub articles and letters, news and events, training, diet, the list goes on! Not only that, there will be some exclusive offers for our readers from some great brands! 

Raw to the core!!

Our writers have been asked to pen in their own words, with no influence from us or anyone else. It will be raw to the core! Some of the articles will be incredibly funny, and some deadly serious. A great variety suitable for anyone and everyone!

The magazine will be distributed by post, and available online via this page.

The price is one other thing we need to get right, for you, for us and for the industry!

Print: £3.99 including postage (pre-order available soon)

Online: £1.99 (pre-subscribe available soon)

Our pricing structure is very reasonable and unless you select multiple editions, it wont tie you in to an ongoing subscription. We feel that if we make the magazine good enough, you will order it or purchase it online!

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