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Upcoming Live Events: 

6th November 2020 - Mecca Classic

7th November 2020 -The British Grand Prix






Q1. How do I access the Live Event?

A1. Follow the 3 STEPS above to access. Here are the detailed instructions:

• Firstly, click the "BUY NOW" button for your chosen event.

• You will be asked to "SIGN UP" or if you have an existing account "LOG IN"

You can choose to sign up with an EMAIL, or with FACEBOOK (faster).

Note: You will need to remember how you logged in to access the Live Event in the future!

• After this, you need to select the method of payment, either PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. 

• Once paid, you will have access to the Live Event page by clicking the "WATCH NOW" button above the event thumbnail.

• This will also indicate the time and date of the show.

Q2. I haven't received an email with a code or how to access.

A2. You don't need a code, pin or email to access the Live Event page.. Just log back in to your account at STEP 2 above, then click the WATCH NOW button below STEP 3.

Q3. I have messaged or emailed you as I cant get on the live stream but had no response.

A3. If there is an issue with the live streaming, we will be well aware of it and will start to initiate our back-up protocols to enable you to watch live. This means we wont have time to respond to your messages. However, you can keep a look out for updates on our social media (Facebook/Instagram) stories where we will update you on the service. It is our priority to get the live stream up and running so please be patient. 

Q4. The stream hasn't started, I'm worried I might miss my friend who is competing. What do I do?

A4. Not all shows start on time, especially with new restrictions in place. We will update our Social Media stories to keep you informed of any major delays.

However, if the show has started and you can't see the video, or it is constantly loading, try the following:

1: Refresh your browser buy going to the menu and selecting the the "circular arrow" or alternatively swiping your screen from top to bottom to reload the page.

2. Check your internet speed, this in most cases will cause the video not to load or create issues during playback. 

3. Check your browser. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome for the best viewing experience. Unfortunately, some devices are older than others and may struggle playing back certain video types. Try an alternative mobile device or laptop ensuring your connection speed is adequate for live streaming. +10mbps internet speed is recommended for this.

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