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Welcome to our advertiser page where we explain the benefits of advertising in our new magazine and how we are different to other advertising platforms.

We will offer "Full Page Ads" and "1/4 Page Block"

During the conception of the Pumped Media Magazine, we thought deeply about how we can improve promotion opportunities for brands wanting to attract customers. We honestly think that advertisers are being taken for granted and not benefiting from current platforms available to them. With Pumped Media Magazine, we are making it our mission to ensure your brand is given the best possible exposure from your advertising budget.

We have created some basic rules for the magazine to cover this.


  • No cluster adverts, full page and quarter blocks only

  • No over-population, limited to 20% ads, 80% content

  • No brand domination, maximum of 3 ads per brand

  • No paid for positioning, first come, first served placement

  • No obligation or commitment for future editions

Guaranteed exposure to a target audience to maximize your ROI.

If you choose to advertise with us, you will benefit from our wide distribution around the UK to over 400 independent gyms (free), along with subscription based readers, which will amount to 1000 printed editions. In addition to this, we will also offer the magazine as a low cost “online-mag” where we will feature all advertisers’ logos on the page with direct links to your chosen URL.

With a "Full Page" ad, it doesn’t stop there! We want you to benefit for maximum exposure for the period of the edition (4 months) and we will guarantee your brand is given 10 times the exposure of just the printed version, that’s 10,000+ reach, minimum!

How will we do this? We will add your brand to our regular Pumped Media Podcasts in the form of sponsorship (usually £100) at no extra cost! Your branding, links and offers will be displayed and tagged on several podcasts, until we reach the 10k mark. With some podcasts reaching 2-3k views in a week, this could cover you for 3 or 4 podcasts. Don’t forget, these videos continue to accumulate views long after their initial release so the advertisement will persist indefinitely online.

So that’s 1,000 printed copies, plus 2,000 online (est), plus 7,000+ (ongoing) podcast views!

Full Page Ad's get 10,000+ REACH GUARANTEED

We want your promotions to be seen and used by our readers and our followers. Currently we have just under 15k followers across our social platforms with a high interaction rate, plus 42,000 page visits to our website (2019 figures) with more to come in 2020. We will ensure every advertiser benefits from our ever expanding platforms.

Our final incentive to advertising with a "Full Page Ad" is the opportunity for you to write in the magazine. If you choose to add a written article about yourself or even a topical piece, we will reduce your advertising rate to £200. This will be positioned on the adjoining page to your full page advert. This can be up-to 2 pages long.


  • Advertisers are welcome to utilise up to 3 pages for their promotions

  • Optional free standard design for adverts

  • Premium quality print and finish

  • All advertisers will receive a free copy of the magazine 

We hope this explains our commitment to you and the bodybuilding & fitness industry as a whole to promote the sport along with sensible business. We look forward to working with you and developing your brand awareness in the industry.

Limited advert space available,

book your advert now to avoid disappointment!

All adverts must be booked and submitted by 29th February 2020 for the April Pre-Season edition.

Position of adverts from front to back is based on a first come, first served basis.

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