Pumped Media began life producing visual content for various brands several years ago. With a passion for quality, we offer our clients a range of photographic and video content products and services from our studio rooms in the North West of England. We also provide on-location services to events, promoters and individuals. 

More recently, we have started to produce world wide live streaming to social channels for a number of brands and individuals. Our lead producer, Kris, has tackled some of the most challenging live events with great success and has created a bespoke platform for the highest quality multi-camera live streaming to social networks along with direct-to-site services, including a self contained pay-per-view system.  


Head of Media

Kris has a wealth of experience in fitness Photography, Videography, Live Stream Productions and most things technical. He can usually be found with his head inside a computer, making it do things it wasn't designed to do!




David is a photography and lighting master. With his super posh degree in the field, he can fine tune any scenario with light and will spend most of the day setting up for the perfect shot! 




Shane is a real talent with motion pictures. He also has an array of skills in editing with fancy software. Just don't ask him to explain After Effects because he will keep you there all day! 

Bodybuilding & Fitness Media Services

Richmond Hill, Wigan