Due to the cancellation and rescheduling of most of the 37 shows we were due to cover this year we have refunded all pre-orders for shows that were due to take place.

We have offered athletes who have prepped for a show that has been cancelled the opportunity to have a photoshoot at our studios which has been well received. This will also run as a competition called the "Corona Classic".


Each athlete who comes for a free photo-shoot can enter the competition free of charge and will be filmed posing their quarter turns and mandatory poses, along with some free posing.

The photo/video shoots will be over several weeks, with the virtual competition being held at the end of May providing we have no further restrictions in place at that time.

We will have strict health and safety measures in place with only one athlete being photographed at any one time. We don't encourage you to take part in this event if you are in any way unwell, or if your immune system is being heavily suppressed due to dieting. Your health must come first.


I must stress, this is for those who are already in prep and have had their shows cancelled. Those who have already competed this year, please do not enter as you will be taking someones place who deserves this opportunity. Your kindness and support is much appreciated as we create the unique opportunity. 

We are raising money and product prizes for the athletes and winners together with many kind business's and individuals. We can't thank you enough for your support!


Many thanks 


Kris Clarke - Pumped Media 

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